Natural Language Processing

Firstly, English-Myanmar translation system was started at UCSY NLP Research Department with four members in 2006. It was completed in 2008 which can translate the simple and complex sentences and tested with sentences from primary-level English text books. Now there are 12 members and doing many projects.

Implementing Myanmar-English-Myanmar translation system aims to get the following objectives:

  • To implement a standard translation system between Myanmar and English languages
  • To solve language difficulties for the people who cannot read English well
  • To build a system that can provide students in learning English language easily

In this globalization age, to go over language barrier, language processing is becoming more and more important. As globalization effort is essential for Myanmar, localization is also important and it can’t be left behind. In searching and sorting, the importance of localization can be seen clearly as Myanmar is distinct from other languages.

Natural Language Processing researches have been doing to be applied conveniently in many systems that are used by Myanmar. It can do a great help for the users. The final destination of researches is for applications.

UCSY NLP team is currently doing projects on

  • English-Myanmar Translation
  • Myanmar-English-Myanmar Dictionary